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Winter 2019 Selections

Below are the selected stories from the winter 2019 submission period. These tales truly encapsulate the myriad of branches within the genre of science fiction. We hope you enjoy reading and escaping into these stories. Thank you for the continued and growing support to Ripples in Space. We just turned a year old and can’t wait to continue to grow! Keep crafting your own wild sagas of the stars. We look forward to reading them.

Party while the leash is off.

100% Polar Proof

Author: Paul Friend

But who is really in control? 

Advanced Labor Relations

Author: Rex Caleval

If you like chocolate and Martians then look no more!

An Easy Mark

Author: Cassondra Windwalker

Unforeseen side effects of time travel.

Breakfast in Time

Author: Brodie Lowe

Four minutes till impact…

Counting the Stars

Author: Ali Nowac

You can’t always release what you catch. 

Futures Market

Author: K.D. Azariah-Kribbs

Not even Instagram could escape this digital plague…


Author: Justin Deming

Even the vastness of space can’t stop the expansion of the Roman army.

Next Conquest

Author: Kate Runnels

Music is an ever evolving medium.

Now You’re Gone

Author: Matthew Wardell

LiveFlesh has a strict return policy.


Author: Christopher Edelen

An AI’s perspective on defense.

Protection is My Prime Directive

Author: Gordon Salemann

The very grave dangers of “Eureka!” moments.


Author: Vince Moravek

The quintessential element necessary to the survival of the human race is…soda-pop?

So Thirsty

Author: Cary S. Collins

There isn’t much time left.

Spinning into Oblivion

Author: Bethany Bruno