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Summer 2018 Selections

Below are the selected stories from the summer submission period. It is a grand mix of tales, from space exploration to bizarre futuristic encounters. I hope you enjoy taking a moment to browse around and let these stories soak into your mind. Thank you again to all who submitted. Keep writing and keep sending out your sagas of the stars.

Scavenging for the missing bits and pieces.

A Voice in the Wind

Author: Hannah MacAfee

Cryptocurrency and robosnakes–need I say more?

Adventure One of the Crypto Star-Chaser

Author: Leslie Soule

Who is really holding all the cards?

All In

Author: Justin Mann

A school teacher with deja vu…

Between Now and Then

Author: Chip Jett

Not the pen-pal type correspondence of old.

Final Correspondence

Author: Stephanie Sushko

Is that your Miata?

Live Free or Die

Author: Kilmeny MacMichael

It does not contain black holes, sentient robots, or teleportation.

Midlife Post-Apocalypse

Author: Ethan Philbin

It’s hard work living on the red planet.


Author: Margaret Karmazin

What repercussions await the choices of Section 5T’s staff?

Section 5T 

Author: David McVey

An account of the Tottenham Court Road Station Anomaly.

The Door to Nowhere

Author: Adam Marks

The coolest bar in the universe.

The Starfighter Bar and Grill

Author: Oliver Black

The sun is shy when it comes to singing.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Author: David Kunin