Ripples In Space

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Spring 2019 Selections

We are pleased to present yet another selection of fun, intriguing, and eclectic science-fiction. Below you will find a range of stories and, while there was no central theme, funnily enough two of our stories share “titan” in their names. So, settle in, browse around and reward yourself with some engaging original work. Cheers from the void.


Sometimes the right combination is hard to find. 

A Reason to Look Up

Author: David Davies

I was a member of the Vegans… 

Crush with Amnesia

Author: Caroline Galdi

“I’m Catholic, you know. I can’t say enough Our Fathers to absolve myself of just putting you in a taxi.”

Eleanor’s Odyssey

Author: Linda McMullen

Why does Zoe talk to animals, never sleep, or like to talk about her time at Jupiter? It’s complicated…

It’s Complicated

Author: Daniel Deisinger

“Shawn Tyndale traveled a rough road to Titan”

King of Titan

Author: Charles O’Donnell

Know thyself. 

New Voice Memo

Author: B.A. Van Sise

Would you make the same mistakes if you got a second chance?


Author: Liam Moran

Henry begins to wonder what’s truly left of the world…


Author: Keith Kennedy

A dust storm on Mars gives one time to think…

The Color Red

Author: Caleb Land

Well, where were you?

Titanfall: Where were you when the Giant fell?

Author: Glenn Dungan

Who wouldn’t want to live in a “naga” apartment?

Unsubscribe Me

Author: Peter T. Donahue