Ripples In Space

Space – Time – Fiction

Summer 2020 Selections

Amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic filled with uncertainty and strife, RIS offers a small reprieve. Below is a selection of stories from our summer submission period. We hope that they will provide an escape. These tales range from fun to thought provoking. Thank you to those who submitted and everyone else for your support. Stay safe, and keep looking to the stars.

Who doesn’t love a good chew toy?

Atomic Dog

Author: Adem Ali

Not your average fishing hole

Bigger Fish

Author: Alexander Condie

Day 1,762 on board.


Author: Julia Gaughan

If it looks and thinks like a human, what is it?

Down with the Upgrade

Author: M.P. Vivian

The letter came in a crisp white envelope.

Happy to Have Us Animals

Author: Ryan Walraven

A cry for help from half-way across the system.

Help Me

Author: Mike McMaster

A world without humans is not without problems.

Robot Aftermath

Author: Bill Kitcher

Mars can have a lingering grasp…

Round Trip

Author: Benjamin Owen

Would you like some coffee?


Author: Lee Matthew Goldberg

I was dreaming. I knew this because my wife was with me

The Fifth World

Author: Amanda Dawson

Visits from your duplicate are even stranger than you’d think.

Visiting Myself Again

Author: Lance J. Mushung

Working as a Time-Typer isn’t as exciting or glamorous as people might think

Write Time

Author: Alyse Morrell