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Spring 2020 Selections

RIS has been around for two years! Celebrate with us by reading the below selected stories from Spring 2020. You will find a nice mix of tales. Romance, adventure, and of course, a loyal pet here and there. Hopefully those who find their way here are safe and content in the ever present backdrop of pandemic that has fallen on the world. Pour yourself a beverage (or two) and settle in among our selected cosmic tales.

What is really going on in the basement?

A Man and His Dog

Author: T.P. Kusterer

 A soldier brushes up against a very literal war machine.

A Trip and a Half

Author: E.M. Barker

Dinosaurs and Space… need we say more?

Black Excellence in Space on a Dinosaur’s Back

Author: Tyler Miles

Having your AI pass the Turing Test may not be the problem…

Fami’s Dissertation Defense

Author: Robert Runté

A candy-apple red spacesuit.

Halcyon Days

Author: Rachel Hehl

Gentlemen, we have a problem.

Immortals or A Matter of Life and Death

Author: David Rogers

In a dying universe a clone has only a prickly android for company.

Last Sun

Author: Ken Farrell

A pair of siblings deposed from their rightful rule

Never Wilder

Author: Nancy Brewka-Clark

Robot dogs in space? 

No Shadow of Doubt

Author: Lisa Acerbo

Satellite Salvager is a fancy term for orbital trash collector.

Salvage Vector Gamma

Author: Keith ‘Doc’ Raymond, MD

Aliens in SCUBA suits.

The Dive

Author: Amanda Dawson

An astronaut who just can’t find a break.

The Laida Incident

Author: Jennie Hunter

I put the headset on…

The Project

Author: Claire Turton

There are five other dimensions.

The Sieve

Author: Laura Austin