Ripples In Space

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Inaugural Spring 2018 Selections

Below are the selected stories for publication in the inaugural Spring 2018 collection. Thank you again to all who submitted. It is always a most thrilling experience to journey to distant worlds or concepts through somebody else’s mind. Keep dreaming, and above all, keep writing!

A dangerous mission and unknown lifeforms. Why won’t they listen?


Author: Hugh Dudley

Mind and soul, memories and dreams.

Ashes From Apple Seeds

Author: E.D. Lusty

A Paris café, a trip down memory lane, two strangers. Are they survivors, or more importantly, are they really there?

Chez Garcia

Author M.E. Proctor

How does one rebuild the person most dear to them?

Eight Bits Human

Author: Emilie Morscheck

A girl who, under strange circumstances, realizes she has lost control over her life and body.

Eve of Earth 

Author:  Danielle Raad

Just normal glitches in the system, right?


Author: Caleb Deane

A simple conversation with a not-so-simple girl.


Author: Lanny Morgnanesi

Taking control in a world where everything is monitored and regulated for you.

More than Everything

Author: Nickolas Urpí

Are the shadows on the wall your reality?

The Glass Womb

Author: Colton Hamshire

She was built for space, built for exploration.

The Monster

Author: Andy Betz

A village on a colony world somewhere far off in the distant future.

Village 13 Mark Delta

Author: Geoffrey Schofield