Ripples In Space

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Fall 2019 Selections

Another selection of science fiction short stories brought to you by RIS. Below you will find a range of tales that are very much in the vein of what makes our journal unique. These stories are appealing to lovers of fiction, robots, space, & more. Congratulations on your luck in stumbling upon us….enjoy.


How will you spend your last moments?

The Alert

Author: C.L. Cook

Keeping your memories can be more of a burden than a comfort.

Battery Powered

Author: A.J. Ferguson

On a planet whose inhabitants co-exist with a colony of exiled humans, teenager Ieva befriends one of the locals and the two plot to escape to Earth.


Author: Joel Fishbane

A lonely teenager who happens to be a genetically engineered human/pig dreams of becoming a ballet dancer.

Come Dance With Me

Author: Evelyn Martinez

Two teenage astronauts struggle to locate bread in their space-shuttle.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Author: Magdalena Deniz

Sound and madness.

The Lonesome Sound

Author: Benjamin Welton

Running a kingdom can be a bit complicated for a young girl.

The Love at Breakfast

Author: Laura Arciniega

The odds aren’t always black and white.

The Math of Tides

Author: Craig Kenworthy

Sometimes good advice comes from the most unlikely sources.

No One Ever Listens

Author: William J. Joel

A pregnant applicant for space colonization wonders if the voyage would be worth the risk.


Author: Matt Luedke

Have you ever visited a planet in a faraway galaxy to learn programming but fallen for a humanoid male? No? That’s unusual.

The Silly Programmer

Author: Isha Sinha

A mysterious walk-in freezer leads to adventure.

Strange Days

Author: Dan Leicht

David Ifiemi dreams of his new life ahead on Epsilon Eridani VI, but he wakes to the reality of incomprehensible disaster.

There Are No Dreams in Space

Author: Stephen Matlock