Ripples In Space

Space – Time – Fiction

Summer 2019 Selections

RIS proudly presents our curated selection of fourteen stories. They are  filled with aliens, robots, distant planets and out of the ordinary scenarios. Take this opportunity to get lost in another time or place. Have some laughs or shed a tear. Allow your imagination to carry you across the text on the screen. Thank you all for the continued support and thank you for sending us your stories.  Cheers from the void.


The growth and endless journey of a simulated-human.

1 thru 32

Author: Mike James

Harry McCormick is attacked while purchasing beer at a corner store…

Black Rhino

Author: Greg Burton

There are no stars anymore.


Author: John Wolf

Sometimes Einstein-Rosen Bridges aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Colin and the Wormhole

Author: Jason Wyvern

“I yearn to asphyxiate in the vacuum of space…” 


Author: Tim Kane

In a world of seemingly endless dimensions, there’s only one goal – finding “The Edge.”


Author: Degen Hill

A thinking robot fails to become an artificial intelligence as society defines it. How do we define intelligence?

For the Birds

Author: Victor Sweetser

“I was a good worker bee, I toiled diligently…”

Green Thumb

Author: M.E. Proctor

Robots remember, they love in 0 and 1.

Loving in 0 and 1

Author: Jessica Holzhausen

A woman is faced with the choice of saving the future of humanity, or saving her own life.

Registry of the Ruined

Author: Gabrielle Rupert

Interstellar explorers have discovered life on
another planet: giant purple pod things that have a unique
way of communicating.

The Mysterious Case of the Purple Pod-Thing

Author: Ike Quigley

There are limited options for hungry astronauts in space, even more so if they only like sandwiches.

The Pudgy Astronaut

Author: H.R. Deutsch

The contract on your star is over..

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Author: Srijani Ganguly

Locked away in a military facility, a young girl refuses to break under interrogation.

Twinkle Twinkle

Author: Gareth Shore