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Fall 2020 Selections

2020 was truly a year that resembled a rather chaotic science fiction tale. That being said, Ripples in Space is proud to present (later than originally intended, but hey–it was a crazy time for the planet!) our Fall 2020 stories. Assembled below is a gathering of similar and dissimilar adventures and scenarios that we hope stay works of fiction and do not manifest themselves into our everyday lives. So we invite you, our readers, to once again embark into the written words of our authors. Don’t forget a companion mug of tea….or something stronger, if you so choose.

The interstellar cigar-shaped object dubbed Oumuamua…

Amber Alert

Author: J.B. Polk

A suicidal Don of one mob deals with his rival.

Buono; a mobsters remorse

Author: Katie Collazo

An amusement park at the end of the world.

Chicken Scratch

Author: Janelle Paquette

My husband was destined to die today…


Author: Sonia Mehta

An eccentric Chef in a strange place of dinning…


Author: Derek Fisher

A virtual device used for people to relive their memories…

Return to Me

Author: Michelle Bellman

Rasputin raised his arms…

Taking the Dark

Author: Keith ‘Doc’ Raymond

A Ukrainian scientist’s expertise in manipulating people’s dreams draws otherworldly attention.

The Jobutnaev Gambit

Author: Ben James

As a true scientist, an ancient monster has the choice: cure himself, or cure all of humanity?

The War to End All Wars

Author: Mark Harbinger

Artificial Intelligence listens to us (comparatively)…

You, Robot, Future

Author: Zhihui Zou