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Submissions Update


Hi everyone,

Due to an unprecedented amount of submissions, our small editorial team is now working as quickly as possible to complete the editing process . We will try to have the selected stories published shortly. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and creativity.

From across the stars,

Ripples In Space team



Thank you all for your many submissions to Ripples In Space. We are very excited to be publishing our inaugural collection of short stories dealing with all things otherworldly. We are currently working through the submissions and, once the submission period has come to a close, will do our best to get the selected stories up on the site in a timely manner.

-Best from the team that has their eyes to the stars.

Ripples In Space Is Live and Accepting Submissions!


This is my first post on the now-live Ripples In Space website. I am very excited for what the year holds ahead. It is my greatest hope that this site becomes a repository of other-worldly and original science fiction stories. I have already published a few stories on the site, so if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to check those out. Thanks for stopping by.

Staying Creative in the Void,

John Davis


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